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Phillip Rose

Phillip Rose
Partner and
Chief Executive Officer


Alpha Real Capital brings together international real estate experience and financial markets expertise with original research and local market knowledge to identify and extract superior returns for investors.

Alpha Real Capital announces the purchase of the Property Funds Business of Close Brothers Group plc.

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Alpha Real Capital brings together an experienced international real estate investment, finance and funds management team focussed on delivering value-added real estate investment opportunities to investors around the world. Recognising that leverage brings additional risk as well as additional return, we believe in financial prudence and that investor's returns can be significantly increased by superior asset selection and management.

We offer each of our clients:

  • a commitment to innovation
  • a group that embraces good governance and financial accountability
  • a strong emphasis on identifying, measuring and controlling risk
  • a passion for integrity in all we do and all we think
  • a deep respect for our investors, business partners and other stakeholders

We use an integrated approach to identifying and extracting superior
returns from real assets

Alpha Real Capital combines creative top-down strategic thinking with "alpha-seeking" bottom-up asset selection. We carefully review all the aspects of each individual property to identify value enhancement opportunities such as space reconfiguration, refurbishment, redevelopment, change of use, lease restructuring, competitive positioning and financing strategy. Clear vision comes from uniting the big picture with the small details.

We value original research

Real estate markets are imperfect. So we ask more questions and we think more deeply about the answers. We utilise original research not only to identify strategic opportunities for enhanced returns, but also to strengthen the evaluation and control of risk.

We embrace good corporate governance

We believe good corporate governance strengthens our business. Good corporate governance promotes transparency, reduces risk and helps builds superior relationships with our business partners.

We are committed to excellence

The Alpha team has over 200 years combined professional experience in real estate, banking and funds management and has been associated with many of the industry's leading companies and projects.

"We are committed to achieving the highest standards of professionalism, quality and innovation in all we do."

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